Do. Unto. Others.

Wayne Westland DUO

Encouraging hope, spreading joy, and fostering companionship in our local special needs community.

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Join DUO and receive early registration privileges for events and activities, stay up to date on DUO news and events, and help provide hope that joy and companionship can be spread throughout our communities, erasing boundaries, and eliminating discrimination of those with intellectual disabilities.

Membership is FREE!
Eventually, we will charge minimal membership dues to help cover any overhead costs associated with the management of the organaization.*

How to become a member:

  1. Download our membership form here.
  2. Fill out both sides of the membership form for each member.
  3. Those over 18 & not under the care of a Parent or Guardian can sign, if under 18 or under the care of a Parent or Guardian, please have that Parent or Guardian sign the form in the applicable places.
  4. Scan all completed forms (both sides) and email to [email protected]
*If and when dues are established, all members will be given advanced notice and will have the option to cancel membership if they so choose.